I contacted Sea 'N The Reef about a new aquarium install. I recently moved into a new home here in Morgan Hill and wanted to setup an aquarium for me and my family. Andy responded to my email request and asked me various question. He didn't gave me a few recommendation on the proper equipment to get. I am now a happy owner of a 60 gallon cube with all the bells and whistles to get me going. I went with a freshwater tank as Andy suggested that I go that route as saltwater is a bit more maintenance that freshwater. With my busy schedule I needed something with less upkeep. Thanks Andy for setting up this awesome tank. My 6 year old loves it.

Alan Jones, Morgan Hill


I was having issue with my water quality in my aquarium. For months my tank had been suffering from this green algae. I couldn't figure out what to do. I was so frustrated that i almost quit the hobby. After contacting Andy at Sea 'N The Reef he came out and diagnose my issue. Turns out i was over feeding so my tank was pretty heavy with phosphate. Andy suggest added some GFO and started vacuuming my sand bed. Over the course of the next few weeks my tank started to clear up and all the fishes and corals are happy again. I would definitely recommend Andy to anyone looking for some expert aquarium advice.

Jason Wilson, San Jose


Sea 'N The Reef maintains my 40 gallon breeder reef tank on a monthly basis. I wouldn't have such a thriving tank without the help of Andy and his staff.

Maggie, San Mateo